For Jim Dusenbury on the occasion of
his retirement from Lincoln-Sudbury

What if every step you've ever taken
                            around Lincoln-Sudbury,
      whether ambling or exercising,
               all those comings and goings, and the doubling-
back for things forgotten,
        what if all these steps were,
                        each one,
 an act of kindness,  a pat on the back,
                or a positive word, bits of love
           communicated to kids
  as tokens of faith in what they
         might become,
what if every step of ours across
                these years was a different class
taught, or different team coached,
    or a great vault, or a camping trip
in Nimbus days of yore,
          then all these steps, together,
                  would just add up,
     sum total,
to the career of the colleague
                              we called Duze.


June 2000

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