Thank you, Mom, for your poems, for taking care of me,
    and for conceiving me,

Thank you, Dad, for having taught me without
    teaching me, and for getting up in the dark for 40 years,

Thank you, Grandma Bessie and Popsie, for bringing us over,
    and for building unions,

Thank you, Karl, for your laugh, and pipe, and for loving
    Grandma Sarah and all of us,

Thank you, Grandma Sarah, for your matzoh brei,
    which was love,

Thank you, Sandy, for your love
     which is as delicious as matzoh brei,

Thank you, Uncle George, for your example of rationalism
    and commitment, and for sharing your birthday,

Thank you, Aunt Dana, for opening museums to workers,
    and for making our seders,

Thank you, Danny, for trying to repair the world
    and showing me how,

Thank you, Ethan and Jamie, "Lichtig" and "Hartzig," for all the joy
    and forgiveness, again and again.

September 30, 1996

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