In celebration of Dave Clapp's
 32 years at L-S

A voice is leaving
       the chorus,
  one that hit the highest notes
of character, the melody
           of decency, and a tempo
    so measured, it actually helped
keep the universe
            on celestial track. He was a
                      guy content
             to pull with
     others, however common the task,
doing his

     share, or standing all
          night in the bucket brigade,
                          as I imagine,
just passing hand to hand,

         he was that type, not a man
of solos, but of the chorale,
       who tried to change the world
                       by getting it
      to sing together, and
             may even have succeeded,
        voice by voice.

February 13, 2001

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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