"Unions spent years working for the ergonomic rules,  
only to see them disappear in a matter of days."
-Boston Globe, April 1, 2001

What do you do with outrage

(Proposed tax cuts proposed for the rich)

unexpressed, kindled by headlines and

(Workplace ergonomic injury rules ditched}

growing by the day? Do you

(Drilling in Alaska wildlife refuge proposed)

put it in a box, and then lock the cover real

(Anti-bias federal contract rules eliminated)

tight? Or do you stay busy and try not to

(Arsenic limits in drinking water eased)

dwell on it? After all, there's always so much

(Global warming treaty to be disregarded)

to do. Or is it best to hold it like a balloon, and just let it

(Billions for missile shield found)

float to the ceiling of your

(Medicare will not cover 'abortion pill')

mind, where at least it will out of the way. What do you

(60 million wilderness acres to lose protection)

do with outrage unexpressed?


April 2001

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