Let's clean up for the
        new millennium,
no more gas chambers this
              time around,
no more railroad cars crowded
        with screaming Jews.
Ethnic cleansing be gone!
Slobodan Milosevic, you must fall in love
        with a sloe-eyed Albanian maiden half
                      your age, and run away with her to Kosovo.
Let's patch up the hole in the ozone layer,
               and beg forgiveness of  every plant
    and animal, and
no more of those machetes cutting off
                 heads in Rwanda.
The Rape of Nanking must be stopped
      this minute, and Hiroshima
                thrown into fast rewind.
We must wash our hands in the rivers
       of blood, and
Jews and Palestinians must embrace and eat
              falafel, while
      Catholics and Protestants pipe and
                     dance their jig.

This is the new millennium.
No littering here.

April 1999

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