I made you a table
with hot red lips
whose top was cool green
(it came up to your hips)
on it to crayon or make
toy ships.

This table was made
with a fanciful shape,
like a swirling, curling
cool green cape.
It's rounded, no corners,
just curves and dips,
and encircling it all,
those hot red lips.

If those lips could talk
they'd probably just say:
"Ethan, this is a good
time to play."

So pull up your chair,
and just sit yourself down,
and draw your childhood
all the way round,
to bang and to knock,
or to paint a weird scene
of hot red lips
on a field of cool green.

Maybe this was all a table's
strange dream.





All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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