There's a hassid in my hallway.
       All night, up and down he walks,
on my door he pounds.
I tell him, go way,
   let me sleep,
I don't want no aggravation.

On my door he keeps pounding,
       he shouts at me
questions--from the Kabbala yet!

It's late at night!
   Yes? No?
I don't know.  Why me?

All night he shleps up and down.
    A crazy man!
           groaning, belching, yelling.
           What's he yelling?

There's a hassid in my hallway.
    With his fur hat, he keeps walking,
     and the black coat it drags
     the dust in the hallway.


Rosh Hashana,
September 22, 1979

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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