Farewell courtyards, farewell
birds whose siren songs called
many to daydreams when slower
moments refused to budge,

farewell ramp, farewell hallways
that I knew, farewell stairwells where
memorable conversations passed,
farewell Rm. 603, my classroom home,

farewell to corners where laughter
was shared, or sad and terrible
things told, yes, farewell space
that embraced and sheltered us all,

farewell lights and shadows on the wall,
this building where passion held the stage,
place of plays, murals, and a cabin site,
farewell old L-S, farewell students and

colleagues long gone,
but ever present
in the greenest
courtyards of
my mind.


On thinking about the impending
demolition of the old L-S

July 24, 2001

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