‘Action is eloquence’ –Wm. Shakespeare, Coriolanus

Wherever there was
               poor syntax to be exposed,
 incorrect verb tense to be indicted, or
        a dangling participle to be
           rebuked,  wherever

there was a good clause or cause to fight for,
        –whether peace, the stain of sexism, or
                   corporate greed, Susan
      Frommer was there, as she

    was for L-S, because she understood
                   community doesn’t roll
          out of bed in the morning
              fully dressed, but must be stitched

together one project, one march, one food
            bank trip, one thanksgiving dinner at a
                time, with the sharpest needle called “I must,”
      and with thread the plainest color of “I will,”

            for there’s no community without
            no compassion without
            no movement without
                        actually moving,
            nor does justice arise from the
                        lovely embroidery of
                         best intentions,
and too bad if it bugged some people,
        this insistence that it had to be
             about more than essays or exams,
                       had to be something larger, so
       she never relented, marking up papers
 with abandon and fighting the
     good fight as if it were one and the same,
                 this working for a better world,
           this correcting grammar, which,
let’s face it, is
             always a good
                      place to start.

For Susan Frommer, at L-S 38 years
May 14, 2010

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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