In memory of Burr Nelson & Cathy Casner,
best friends, Class of 1976;

and for Susan Frommer, Bill Snow, Karen Fritsche, & Brian Ward, four colleagues who also loved the old building; and for my 2003-2004 Postwar classes.

Hasta la vista history lounge,
sayonara ol' 603
toodaloo Rm. 211, take care
tattered be-couched place, peace to
you poster-plastered place, see ya
ceiling camp-fired place, au
revoir rockin' rocking
chair place, later
lamp-lit place
place that sprang from dusty 60's
attic of my mind

Farewell doomed
building that
sheltered us all! Sudbury
schoolhouse with courtyard
dreams! Place of the turning
eyeball and hallway
rendez-vous! Farewell to
last class of funky
old L-S, oh shining million-
memoried place, lucky was I
to be here, and
were you.

May 2004

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