In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful

two planes were crashed into the World Trade Center,
and thousands killed,

while women are consigned to spend
their lives in cloth sacks.

In the Name of Jehovah, the Lord Almighty

Palestinians are dispossessed of their land
and their homes bulldozed,

while women are required to sit behind
screens or in balconies.

In the Name of Jesus, the Redeemer

Doctors are murdered and
clinics burned,

while woman are told what they may
and may not do with their bodies.

In the Name of Allah, of Jehovah, of Jesus,
In the Name of the Father, The Son,
The Holy Ghost, and Messengers and Messiahs
Everywhere, In Their Name, Which Is the Same Name,

            it is commanded:

"Thou shalt not take His and Her name in vain."

November 11, 2001,
the two month anniversary.


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