We sledded so swiftly
down your steep face
in a freezing, frosty
winter-time race
between our fears
and childhood hopes,
resting victorious
below your white slopes,
then climbing back up
to slide down once more,
while hugging the hill
in wet snowsuits galore.

So farewell to this hill
that gave kids such joy
through many a winter,
whether girl or boy.

And while we're at it,
good-bye to a field
where childhood things
did finally yield
to commencement gowns
and dreams beyond school,
beyond teachers or teams,
to life, kind and cruel,
however it comes,
with heartache or thrill,
a story that started
on a field and a hill.

Farewell to two Sudbury landmarks,
as construction begins on
the new high school.
January 31, 2002

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