The Tutor’s Tale

Driving out to tutor a student 
             about the American Revolution,
    I suddenly pass the spot where Revere was
arrested, and, utterly unnerved, consider
         stopping for a cold one at Hartwell’s Tavern,
  instead speeding on down the Battle Road, ambushed
               only by reveries of Red Coats
    rushing by, fortunately remembering
        to duck at Merriam’s Corner, before cruising on
              into Concord Town, where I scan the horizon
    for Liberty Lane, which I did find climbing
 its way up to Esterbrook Woods, abreast of
               the old North Bridge, crouching
           below on the bank to my right, unsubdued
       even by a flood of fog, but outflanked by
                impatience my eyes swung to
the left, where they captured
                                    the Waiting Field still
                        patiently waiting, as I pressed on to
         meet my charge, arriving to find the battle
                           not entirely won. 

February 5, 2008  


All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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