CNN BREAKING NEWS/ April 30, 2008

• Five killed in Sydney Harbor boat collision 56 min
• Wannabes or terrorists? Third jury may decide
• State Dept. details global terror threats
• CNNMoney: Wall Street wilts after rate cut
• Agency: Sect boys may have been abused
• WCVB: Amber alert baby thought to be in danger
• Ticker: Obama loses ground, polls say
• Israel kills an Islamic Jihad chief, sources say
• Incest dad vacationed while kids locked up
• Baby found in house riddled with filth
• SI: NFL cheerleaders too sexy for cricket
• Crying 4-year-old found along highway 
• Teen too young for 'come hither' pose? 
• Colossal squid has soccer-ball eyes 
• Share memories of a fallen soldier

Did the National Enquirer
    swallow CNN whole while
I slept, like the Great White
       Shark that attacked the surfer
off Santa Barbara’s coast, or perhaps
              the alligator that
        grabbed the guy retrieving
    golf balls from a pond
         in Florida? I feel
confused, way too frightened
     to leave my bed. Can someone mop
my brow and help me up?
Gas prices and foreclosures?
    Ho hum. Who cares? Even Global
Warming’s no sweat. The polar
          Bears? They will fend for
        themselves. What matters is
that I’ve dodged the West Nile
        mosquito with
            my name on it. And
       Iran? They have
no missiles for their A-Bombs
             yet. I could relax if

only CNN’s website
   would relent, but
     I am cast adrift in
Sydney Harbor, clinging to
    filthy lifeboats with those
           Mormon sect boys and terrorist
      wannabes, the Jihad chiefs
              and incest dads. I

dream about them. What if
   they work free from their
         their blue web page links and
                    alight on me despite the
            Amber Alert I’ve call in? Help.
     At the least, please make that colossal
        squid on your front page close its
eyes and go away.

Sleep will come. The moon's
          orbit will wipe clean
  my cluttered universe of fears,
       and make room for new constellations
               to light our desperate days.

April 2006


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