And so we begin the descent into old age,
those last few chapters, the final dog-eared page,
after which we begin to come apart.
So I wonder: is dying an acquired art?
Will we finally learn how to keep still?
Do we receive lessons in yielding back
our will?
We will certainly have practiced going
to sleep,
true enough, though never have we dived to depths
that deep.
It will come, it will come. Like all before, we will
master the end,
much like the equations a child thinks he'll
never comprehend.
It will be far easier that we suppose. It will suit us well.
You just let it happen. You ride the rising swell.
There is really nothing you need to do.
Even your left foot will fit
this shoe.
The finale will accomplish all that you need.
Your body will be destroyed. Your soul, freed.

You follow. It will lead.

February 17, 2007

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