"Strange Prophecies Anew!"

Who could have guessed
         that the Lowell Connector,
after 30 minutes Rt. 3 wandering,
    and unquestionably essential pizza detour, would
              connect you/me/us,
         with atomic clock 
precision, to the very face of
                    Lowell hard luck at the deadest end
          of Jack's Road, a neighborhood 
kid, see him on his bike,
               see him wondering why all this
commotion, see him seeing Dylan and
              some bearded guy sitting on that 
                      same bare spot,
   and 9558 days later the Connector
       connects you/me/us to Lowell for
            just a second, to this boy, to a young wife
     erased by heroin, to one actual
         Lowell broken heart, to memories
                  shared of momentary escapes from
Mill City miseries ("We would come here
           and smoke grass, it was beautiful.")
                  to a moment frozen in a photograph on
             my shelf, all because we missed 
    the exit so that
                 we might arrive
                            on time.

After travelling with former students
to the Edson Catholic Cemetery,
Lowell, Massachusetts.
Dylan & Ginsberg visited:
November 3, 1975
We were there:
January 5, 2002

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