In celebration of Andy Oleski’s 33 years at L-S

Merely looking at this guy
     could send whole congregations
of sinners hurtling down
          to the Fitness Center,

or most sincerely 
                      to get there real
 soon, like next Monday, 
              “So help me God!”  Gee, 
      how did Oleski
get to look so good? Born in
       Yonkers, so close but not quite 
                   the Bronx,
            he knows his doowop like he
                         knows lacrosse,
street corner symphonies and state
                 championships, no
      difference. This teacher carried the weight

             every day, 
                 not even counting tons of 
wisecracks, and 

     coached kids 
                 to lessons
        more enduring than
            record books
     or the shiniest
trophy on their

June 2002

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