"So, is Water Row open now, Bill?,” asked Iain Ryrie. “Yes, Iain,“ replied Bill Schechter, “open it is....and what’s more...”
There’s a eyesore on my favorite Row,
a serious impediment to the morning flow,
for someone had the unbridled nerve
to build it along the sweeping curve.
I’m referring to that shiny rail
that makes fall trees look rather pale.
I understand why they built that thing:
the fact that some cars have taken wing,
propelling drivers toward the edge,
where speeders might fall past the ledge,
after skidding on the ice and snow,
then into the sodden marsh below.
But I wish they’d been to Franconia Notch
and had the opportunity to watch
the highwaymen build one that blended in,
instead of committing an aesthetic sin.
Water Row’s open for business once more.
Re.: future improvements – please no more! ps: If you can’t get up by Franconia way,
just check out Fresh Pond Parkway.
Take Rt. 2, 12 miles down,
past the rotary in Cambridge town.

September 30, 2004

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