Farewell Lincoln-Sudbury,
farewell school I loved,
farewell students locked forever in heart
(whose names I cannot speak),
farewell disputatious place,
farewell passions of past,
farewell great spirit school,
with classrooms where free
minds roam,
farewell to Sixties, to history, my home,
farewell songs of Frankie Lyman and Joe Hill,
and to rainy White Mountain nights, southern
     sights, teeming streets of "many-footed
Mannahatta, and to Walden that never changed,
farewell to those I so admired in youth and
farewell Bronx, farewell parents and grandparents from afar
who told me nothing greater
there was than to teach,
farewell to those I meant to injure not,
farewell school that students did once embrace,
farewell murals and a small cabin site,
farewell to life of teacher,
                to vision
still alive,
farewell L-S.


All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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