L-S is a very different kind of place,
a unique school blessed with a special grace

that allows it do the seemingly impossible
in a manner unpredictable & largely improbable.

For example, we consider the arrangement best
that places our South House above our West,

then we put North House a floor below East,
a pattern that bothers us not a bit in the least.

It's a compass that's wholly-three dimensional,
and, in typical L-S fashion, so unconventional,

which is how we like it at our regional school,
where debate seems the only indisputable rule,

and where classes change without pealing a bell
on a schedule that's any true time-keeper's hell,

take times like 9:53, 11:08, or ol' I:41,
too challenging to read on dials run by the sun,

and then there's policies like "Directed Studies."
Hey, if you're confused, don't ask your buddies.

But despite the confusion and chronic eccentricity
there's an underlying sense of pure authenticity,

for somehow it works, even though it shouldn't,
in part because we're loathe to say, "It couldn't."

But there comes a time when we all have to go,
You know when you've lost that "hustle & flow."

So my bags are all packed, now let harmony rule;
farewell Quantum–and a much-loved school,

and to students and colleagues that I've come to know,
please carry it onward through rain, sleet, and snow.

There are many A-B's which I know you haved guessed,
but through the vast Milky Way, there's but one L-S.

June 2006

All written material © Bill Schechter, 2016
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