Meet Mr. Thoreau


1. “Let us consider the way we spend our lives.” OK! Please do this in a paragraph or so.

2. Do you feel society (and everyone in it) is too busy and works too much?
What would you do if there was less work expected of you? How would you choose to spend your time?

3. Would you like to be rich? Or do you believe that money corrupts people? Explain.

4. What do you want to do “when you grow up? On what basis did you choose this career?

5. What do you think about state lottery? Should the state have one? Explain.

6. Have you found your religious leaders to be inspiring “moral teachers”?

7. Are most of your personal discussions at school (with friends) deeply meaningful? Or are they mostly “surface” and gossip?

8. Does the media fill your head with trivia or serious issues? Which would you rather it fill your head with?

9. Can a program like “Jerry Springer”  or “Howard Stern” do violence and lasting damage to your mind.?

10. Does the American emphasis on “business” make our country great or does it narrow our society?

11. How would you characterize the effect of politics on your life?

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