Meet Mr. Thoreau


-An Exercise-

Please plan your perfect community, the place of your dreams. In doing so, please consider the following details of life for starters:

What do people do for a living: do they work in the community (if so, at what?)  or work outside?

Is the community located in the city, suburbs, or country?

How many people live there?

How does one join?

Do people live as conventional families? As isolated individuals? As a  commune?

Do men and women live together?

Are children raised by by their birth parents or by the group, together?

What is the school like? How is it organized? What is taught? Is it the same or  different than L-S?

What's a typical day?

Who is a allowed to have sex, and at what age?

Is there monogamy? Is there conventional marriage, or some unconventional  arrangement?

What kind of food is served?

What is the division of labor in the community? How is it determined who does  what? Are tasks different for men and women?

How is it determined who gets what pay? Are people to be paid equally? Does  all money of to the group? Does the surplus go to the group?

 Do young people date? What do teenagers do (up to the age of 18)? What's     their role?

Is there a common religion that binds the community together?

How is the community governed?

What is the name of community?

Can anyone join? Can people take everything they bought with them if they  leave?

Other issues and aspects of life?

What would the community look like from a  helicopter?

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