Meet Mr.Thoreau

One Last Time Around The Pond

1) Walden Woodstock

Read, share, or play any song or poems you know that touch on or express, in some way, Thoreauvian themes on nature technological change, or taking a political stand.

2) A Thoreauvian Charade Parade

Choose three quotes from MindPrints or one of Thoreau’s writings that you particularly like. Be prepared to express them through charades. No mouth. Only hands.You can do the entire quote or one or two key lines within it.

3) The Art of Thought

Take your absolute favorite quote and represent it artistically, either though drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, dance, or whatever (especially whatever.)

4) “The Call of The Wild”: The First Non-Human Oratory Contest at  L-S.

You will be given a bird or animal sound (hopefully of your choice).
Then let’s hear your “Call of the Wild.” It’s been building up inside of you for decades. Now let it out! This will be a judged competition.

5) Perchance a Guest Speaker

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