“Meet Mr. Thoreau”


For your final project, I would like you to illustrate your favorite Thoreau quotation (see essays, see MindPrints, see Journal Drippings, see handouts) in some creative way.

This can be done through art work, photography, a collage, a mobile, a diorama made of things found around the house, things that move, who knows! Just make it amazing. Is that too much to ask?

The quotation can be as short as a sentence or as long as a paragraph.

The quotation itself should be found somewhere in or on the creative representation you make.

It is due the last day of exams.

Scientific grading system:

If I say “Wow” you get an” A.”
If I say, “Ah!” you get a “B+.”
If I say “Hey!” you get a “B.”
If I say, “Well!” you get a “B-.”
If say, “Hmm?” you get a C+
If I say, “Wha?” you get a “C”
If I say, “Eh!”, you get a “C-.”
If I say, “Ich!”. you get a “D.”
If you don’t hand it in, you get an “F.”

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